"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own,
having a dog makes you rich.
- Louis Sabin

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If you call me chances are you'll have longer to wait to hear back from me. Email is the BEST way to reach me.

Please contact us for details! Please use the contact form below for puppy inquiries.
Please provide information about you, your family and what you are looking for etc to be seriously considered. Thank you!

***PLEASE NOTE: We have a REQUIREMENT for a fenced yard for all our dogs. NO EXCEPTIONS - so please don't ask!
Sorry but electronic [invisible fencing] is NOT recommended for Collies per The Collie Club of America.

** Click Here to Read the Collie Club of America's Fencing Recommendation for Collies ** (scroll to bottom of article)

We also require 3 written references (including one from a vet). We carefully screen all applicants.


Another option is if you are looking for a collie puppy
we suggest you go to The Collie Club of America (http://collieclubofamerica.org) website and look for the District Direct
in your area. Contact them and they can recommend a reliable breeder in your area.
Best of luck finding your collie puppy!!!

Please note: You will receive an auto-reply email from us confirming receipt of your inquiry. Thank you!!!!

~ We DO have a requirement for a fenced yard for ALL homes our dogs go to. Invisible fencing is NOT adequate. ~

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Your comments are always welcome.. If you have a question about a dog we bred - please EMAIL us.
** Please note: We welcome your comments ABOUT THE WEBSITE in the Guestbook.

If you have questions about a puppy or dog we bred or if you are inquiring about puppies or future litters - please
use the contact form above to contact us.

If you leave me a message in the guestbook it may not be answered in a timely fashion so
PLEASE use the contact form above for all questions or puppy inquiries. Thanks! **

If you are interested in a puppy or have questions about future litters
please use the contact form above.
We welcome your inquiries.

Regretfully, we can not offer medical, training, health or other advice about dogs we have not bred. If you have those kinds
of questions - we encourage you to contact your dog's breeder and ask them for help or assistance.

If you have a rescue dog or do not know your dog's breeder - please contact a veterinarian
for medical assistance or a trainer for training advice.
Unfortunately, we can not handle the volume of general inquiries about dogs we
have not bred so you will get a quicker and more appropriate response from contacting someone
who has the appropriate qualifications to answer your questions. Thank you!

"Fairies arouse!
Mix with your song
Harplet and pipe.
Thrilling and clear.
Swarm on your boughs!
Chant in a throng!
Morning is ripe.
Waiting to hear.
- William Allingham


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