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Health Choices

Vaccinations : Bloat : Nutrition

There is a wealth of information available for pet owners. We all have choices with our own health as well as our pets. Fortunately, there is an abundance of information emerging on health, longevity, nutrition, vaccinations and alternative medicine. Spellbound Collies choses to raise their collies (and any future pups) integrating many alternative methodologies into their health regime. Some of these include introducing a raw diet to the dog, other beneficial nutritional supplements, the use of homeopathy and other alternative medicines if and when possible. We also chose to vaccinate carefully. We have reviewed Dr. Jean Dodds revised vaccinations schedules and have followed the changes being taught to students at Veterinary Schools these days. Things have drastically changed and most likely will continue to change through the upcoming years.

As a point of reference we will provide health information and alternatives to those interested. We are NOT advocating any of these approaches; though for us we chose to use many of them. We understand each pet owner MUST do the things they feel most comfortable with - what we ask and hope for is that you review some of these articles and links and do whatever additional research you care too and make educated decisions for yourself.

The health and well-being of all of our dogs is of optimal importance to us. We are delighted when pet owners who purchase our dogs or puppies embellish raising them integrating these alternative techniques.

Please check back regularly for updates and more and more information as we compile it.

There are two primary areas I initially want to address in this section. They are what I consider to be the most important aspects of animal health and longevity; Vaccinations and Nutrition .

There are numerous schools of thought on both of these topics. I have done extensive research in both areas and I believe there is enough data to substantiate that we greatly over-vaccinate our dogs which, potentially can cause health problems. I have begun to compile for those interested information on the emerging new vaccination protocols by top veterinarians and veterinarian schools. Please review this and make the decisions that seem best for you and your pet. Minimally be aware that the vaccination protocols are changing. All vets have not yet incorporated these into their practices. But, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make educated decisions. The health of your pet is in your hands.

On the topic of nutrition - I am still uncertain of the pros and cons of a natural (raw) diet. I have read much data on both sides. One alarming article I just read today was on raw chicken bones fed to a bitch who developed bloat due to large bone fragments not digested. Collies are prone to bloat, so this, along with many other debates has me torn. On several occasions I began feeding a raw diet - adding small quantities of raw meat, tripe and raw pureed vegetables. Each time I stop because I am unsure of the facts; hearing varying sides.. For now, I opt to home cook meals and provide a wide assortment of supplements. A part of me strongly advocates a raw diet; I have seen many dogs whose health has greatly improved when they were taken off of grains and cooked foods and put on a natural, raw diet. I, however, have not yet integrated this into my regime. I will be providing much information in upcoming weeks on nutrition, but today I will begin with the topic of Vaccinations.. since most folks believe they are doing the very best they can for their pet by vaccinating yearly. And most people feel they are providing the best possible ‘love’ and ‘care’ for their pets by jamming them with 5 or 6 combo shots at the same time. At one time the medical field believed it was the right thing to do. That approach is changing. So, before automatically vaccinating - please carefully read the vaccination section and if still unsure do your own research. There is a wealth of information out there. We will be updating this section regularly. Also, contact veterinarian hospitals - many are coming up with their own revised protocols.

Our goal is to have educated pet owners. Plus, we are always here to help you. We can not make your decisions for you - but we will honestly answer your questions to the best of our abilities or direct you to the person(s) who have the answers you seek.

Vaccinations : Bloat : Nutrition

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