"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
Ben Williams


We are a very small breeding and showing establishment. We don't breed often but we average
one litter every 4 years or so (which is not that often!).
We breed to improve our line with the hopes of getting a puppy or two for the show ring
from each litter. When we have either show quality puppies or companion puppies available we provide
information on this page.

Our puppies are born and raised in the home with endless love and attention.
We expose them to lots of people, new challenges, and include them
in our daily life from a very early age. The pups start their
lives with their mom in a quiet place, but by the time they are
4 or 5 weeks they are moved to a more central location in the house
where they can start being introduced to the house and our other collies.
We expose them to a lot of new things at a very
early age so that they easily adjust. We do temperament testing at 7 weeks old.
All our puppy and adult dogs are 'inside dogs'.. infact I share my bed with many
of them on a nightly basis! We have over an acre fenced for the
dogs in 2 separate exercise areas.

Eyes are checked by Dr Lionel Rubin Diplomat, American College of Veterinary Opthalmologists between 5-7 weeks old.
Puppies are seen by my veterinarian. They are given necessary vaccinations and worming treatments. (I follow Jean Dodds
vaccination protocol recommendations for puppies).

Our desire is to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies.. that mature into wonderful companion
pets, show dogs and most importantly treasured members of my family
or those who become the forever home of a Spellbound Collie. Most of our
puppies get house-broken at an early age, are crate trained and familiar with basic grooming on a
grooming table and basic show commands. We treat each puppy as if they
are a potential BEST IN SHOW puppy .. because to us all of them are!

Spellbound Collies breeds for health, temperament, quality, soundness and conformation.
We do ALL health tests; and only include into our breeding program those that have good eye checks
and are sound dogs with OFA Good or Excellent hips.
Eyes are checked on all girls used for breeding and the puppies eyes are checked at 5-7 weeks of age.

We raise all our litters using the BATTAGLIA EXERCISES. According to Carmen Battaglia who
developed this program for puppies claims that introducing neonatal
puppies to a few very brief 'exercises' will cause neurological stimulation,
none of which naturally occur during this early period of life. These exercises impact
the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than would
be normally expected. The result being an increased capacity
that later will help to make the difference in its performance.
Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises.

The benefits noted were:

- Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
- Stronger heart beats
- Stronger adrenal glands
- More tolerance to stress and
- Greater resistance to disease.

For more information about Carmen Battaglia and his neuro stimulation program for dogs
visit his website at: Breeding Better Dogs by Carmen Battaglia

What you can expect when you get a SPELLBOUND COLLIE: As side from a beautiful, healthy, bright,
inquisitive, sweet and lovable puppy or dog you will get a ton of information.
Puppies and adults come with AKC Registration forms and health certification from a licensed veterinarian. Complete health records.
Health Guarantee, Eye Check, MDR1 health Information, Jean Dodds Vaccination Protocol and related
information on the latest research on vaccinations and lots of health information and tips as well. Suggested feeding recommendations,
a detailed contract and a sample of the food currently being fed. We send a toy with all our puppies
and dogs that they are accustomed to playing with (and that also has familiar scents!) Although we breed for the show ring we love every puppy
that we have ever bred and we hope you love them as much as we do! We provide LIFE-LONG support for your Spellbound Collie.
You receive regular updates from me on healthy products for your dogs
and we carefully monitor any dog related recalls and provide that information to everyone.
We want to hear from you and receive photos and updates regularly!

How to Select a breeder:
Review the Collie Club of America information on collies before speaking to breeders. Meet the Collie (an article on the Collie Club of America website)
Check out the AKC Information on Finding Reputable Breeders. AKC Site - Finding a Reputable Breeder
When visiting a breeder you should get to meet the mother of the litter, and possibly
some littermates and other relatives (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc).
Most reputable breeders have a 'family' of collies. The breeder should have a great love and repoire with their dogs.
The dogs should be clean and the exercise
and sleep areas should be clean with fresh water available. Spend time with the
breeder and their dogs. Ask questions. Don't be put off if the breeder asks
you allot of questions about you, your home, your family, other pets, etc.
Reputable breeders want to place their dogs in the best possible home environments and the only way to know for sure
is for them to ask questions. If you raised a child for 10-12 weeks or more, would you let them
go to a home without knowing everything possible about their future
home? Reputable breeders want to make sure the dog/puppy and the family are a great fit! The more questions they ask - the
more they care about the welfare of their dogs! A reputable breeder breeds for the love and joy of it.
It is NOT a business - it is a labor of love.

***** 2014 litter expected - please check back soon for more details *****

Spellbound Collies welcomes two of Crystal's grandkids! UPDATE: They have been placed in their forever homes. Thank you.

Please use the contact form on this website for puppy inquiries - thank you!

***PLEASE NOTE: We have a REQUIREMENT for a fenced yard for all our dogs. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS!
We want to insure the safety of all Spellbound Collies and experience shows that dogs are safer when
there are securely fenced backyards. Sorry but electronic [invisible fencing] is NOT recommended for Collies
per The Collie Club of America.

** Click Here to Read the Collie Club of America's Fencing Recommendation for Collies ** (scroll to bottom of article)

We also require 3 written references (including one from a vet). We carefully screen all applicants.

~ Puppies born March 11, 2010 ~

CH Riverrun Lionheart x CAN CH Spellbound's Leading Lady

CH Riverrun Lionheart
(Owned by Mary Jackson, Riverrun Collies)

CAN CH Spellbound's Leading Lady
(Owned by Amanda MacLeod and Jill Lanese)

Sorry, no puppies available - but here are some pups from previous litters.

Oscar at 10 weeks old!

boy! boy!

Oscar at 4.5 months old!


Spellbound Academy Awards - (Oscar) at 6 months old!



From our 2008 litter. Chyna is NOT currently available.
Dexter and Comex were placed in their forever homes but here are some of their puppy pictures.

Spellbound The Future is Now

Spellbound The Future is Now

Spellbound Futures in Gold

Spellbound Futures in Gold

Spellbound Futures in Gold

CH Spellbound Classique Lenox x Vennessee's Spellbound Dynasty

Our next litter will be in spring/summer 2011. If you can't wait and are looking for a collie puppy
we suggest you go to The Collie Club of America (http://collieclubofamerica.org) website and look for the District Direct
in your area. Contact them and they can recommend a reliable breeder in your area.
Best of luck finding your collie puppy!!!

SORRY - This show prospect puppy is LONGER AVAILABLE!!!! She is has been placed!

FENCING REQUIREMENT: We REQUIRE homes that have fenced yards.
Sorry but electronic [invisible fencing] is NOT recommended for Collies per The Collie Club of America.

** Click Here to Read the Collie Club of America's Fencing Recommendation for Collies **

REFERENCES: We also require 3 written references (including one from a vet)!

~ We're growing out some very special puppies from our last breeding! ~

Spellbound The Future is Now

Spellbound The Future is Now

Spellbound Future Investments

Spellbound Future Investments

Spellbound Future Investments
at 5 months of age

Spellbound Future Investments
at 5 months of age

Spellbound Futures In Gold

Spellbound Futures In Gold

Pedigree: Lenox x Lexi Puppies Pedigree for Lenox x Lexi Puppies
Sable & White

Born: August 9, 2008

CH Spellbound Classique Lenox
CH Tartanside Allegiance, ROM
CH Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, ROM
CH Vennessee's Midnight Edition, ROM
CH Fantasy's Cover Girl, ROM
CH Tartanside Aliage, ROM
CH Sealore's Grand Applause, ROM
CH Tartanside Arabesque
CH Vennessee's Enchanted Crystal
CH Vennessee Future by Artistique
CH Vennessee's Portrait in Black
Artistique Lightening Strikes
Vennessee Diamond in the Ruff
Vennessee Ashlawn Last Call
CH Vennessee Bonnie Jean
Vennessee Spellbound Dynasty
CH Overland Payton of Vennessee
CH Overland Gathering Storm, ROM
CH Overland Summer Storm, ROM
CH Overland Pearl of Wisdom
CH Overland Powder Blue, ROM
CH Overland Summer Storm, ROM
CH Overland Inspiration
Vennessee's Southern Bell
CH Vennessee's Summer Wind
Vennessee's Truth be Told
Vennessee's Pretty Woman
Vennessee's Stop the Music
Vennesseee N'Ballyhara Kaizen
CH Vennessee's Windy City Girl

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~ Lenox's puppies from previous litters ~

Below are two of Lenox's daughter's! Leia is from his first litter that he sired.
Becca is from his 2nd litter. The last picture below is all the pups from Lenox's 2nd litter
(Becca is the middle pup on the RIGHT side of the ad).

Lenox has been producing sound puppies with very pretty faces.

Boonehaven Classique Charm

Boonehaven Classique Charm

Boonehaven Litter whelped in 2006.

From time to time we have SHOW PROSPECTS available - please click here to check availability.

Important Information for anyone purchasing a puppy from a breeder in Pennsylvania:
For your Information - Pennsylvania's Animal Lemon Law



These are puppy pics from Crystal's 1st litter
check below to see Tiara, Lenox & Tiffany as pups
Email me for more info on current litter.

Scroll down further to see more puppy pictures
these are of Destiny and Magic as pups.

Click for a larger view



Lenox (male)

Magic & Destiny - puppy pictures!

�I wish people would realize that animals are totally dependent, helpless like children;
a trust that is put upon is.�
James Herriot

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